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Panseea was born after years of studying the effects that added chemicals in cosmetic products have on the skin and body and our desire to use and offer to everyone only clean natural products, effective and safe.

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Our belief that we should keep our skin away from chemicals and care for it using natural ingredients is the foundation in formulating all of our products.

Panseea skincare line is made solely of natural handmade products, always fresh, formulated to help the skin and hair using the power of natural ingredients, with respect for nature and great care for those who choose to use them.

Adding the gentlest preservative, Ecocert approved, we insure a reasonable validity. That is why all our products are order based, having an expiration date between 3 to 6 months of manufacturing, thus staying fresh and giving you the maximum efficacy of their active ingredients.

All other ingredients we use are 100% naturally sourced, vegan and organic.

We have calculated the quantity of product available in each package to match the amount needed with regular use, during the entire period of validity, so you don’t have to waste any.
Our products come packaged in Violet Glass jars or bottles, a special type of glass designed to protect against the damaging effects of light , helping to preserve the quality and effectiveness of our products, but also the environment.

Discover for yourself the magical world of nourishing moisturizing creams, healing natural oils and tonic, scented flower waters.

Fairytales begin with “Once upon a time…” and deliver, with their wisdom, that piece of advice, that thread of moral fabric to guide us in life. Same as in fairytales, Panseea’s journey began, first of all, as a life lesson tested on my own skin.

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Around the year 2010, in “Bucharest kingdom”, my family and I were planning a journey, somewhere far far away, to lovely Turkey. Before setting sail, as I am a very careful person, I started listing all those things that would come in handy for the trip.

Once again, I was facing an older problem: lacking an efficient sun lotion (in the past, SPF 15 lotions had failed against the harsh Mediterranean sun). So I decided it was time for an upgrade to SPF 30, still a good balance between having the right protection while keeping a glowing tan.

With so many brands to choose from, I felt the need for more insight into the matter. After all, right choices are informed choices. Much to my surprise, I discovered on a natural cosmetics site just how unhealthy conventional sun lotions are.

Like the perfect apple that’s been poisoned, their high level of sun protection is given by ingredients that once absorbed by our skin, and under the sun’s radiance, can cause allergies, eczemas and possibly more.


Naturally, I started to wonder: How many more cosmetics have similar consequences?
To my disappointment, the more I learned, the more I felt betrayed by an industry that promises health and beauty, but lacks basic values: honesty, safety and respect for its beneficiaries.

Having an inherited allergic background and in a time of intense stress, I had previously developed a strong irritation around my eyes and face, reason enough to stop using any kind of make-up or facial cream. I believed I was fated not to enjoy cosmetics like any other women, that it was solely my fault, being sensitive and frail, and had nothing to do with the cosmetics industry pushing the limits of our skin and body’s own natural resistance.


Just like in fairytales, a quest leads to great adventures, and mine had just begun. I had discovered the realm of naturally born ingredients and products, unadulterated, nourishing and most importantly, safe.

I wasn’t a stranger to holistic treatments, as my family often visited natural care shops (like Romania’s famous Plafar), and was diligently using ointments, teas, infusions, for many ailments. For that reason, I was easily associating natural products to some preexisting affliction, so I had difficulty imagining them as part of a daily “modern” routine.

In the words of Henri Bergson, “the eyes see only what the mind is prepared to comprehend”, and for me, that was the moment my eyes caught true sight.

That’s when I also discovered natural soap (truly natural, handmade from oils and butter using cold saponification, not only branded “natural” but in fact just an expensive SLS based care-line of mega corporations).

That very day I ordered it for myself, together with shea, mango and cocoa butters. That’s when I made my first after sun cream, mixing these three simple, natural ingredients and adding a bit of mint essential oil.

Such great satisfaction creation gives us!

For sun protection I bought a lotion based on natural ingredients, that still contained zinc & titanium oxides of which I knew now they weren’t safe, but it’s the only way you can reach an SPF of 30, and I still didn’t have the courage to go to the beach with just a lotion of SPF 10 (the maximum you can achieve using only natural ingredients, no chemical filters added).

We started using both creams once we arrived to the golden shores of Turkey, and testing the results. After a few days of sun and sea, my tan wasn’t yet showing as I wished it would, so I started to gradually reduce the SPF 30 cream, and instead use more of the one I had made. There was no sign of burning or irritation and I developed a perfect, spotless tan. Even more, the friends that accompanied us had some problems with their little daughter (she developed a skin rash from their sunscreen) and they also got some bad burns from the sun, so I gave them to try my cream, and they also loved it, having great results.

I was very happy to find something that worked for my family and since then I made sure my household was a place for natural products: cosmetics, oils & butters, toothpaste, detergents and anything else I could replace.

A year later, great happiness and joy came into our family, in the shape of a charming baby boy. But happiness doesn’t always travel alone, and with it brought also some problems. Soon after, my son developed a serious allergy to baby wipes and dippers. Tried changing brands, used fancy baby products, nothing worked. Before giving up, I decided to try something of my own, something I knew exactly what was made of. Mixing olive oil, argan oil, marigold oil and sea buckthorn seed oil proved to be the solution. I also washed him with marigold and common horsetail tea. In just a couple days his rashes were gone. I never used anything else since.

When there was once again time for the beach, I knew what I had to do. No more seeking high SPFs, oxides and other chemical filters, no matter if the product is labeled as natural/organic.

This time I made my own elixir: a sun lotion based on 7 natural oils that can protect the skin while helping it to quickly develop the best natural armor against the sun: natural bronze (powered by melanin). To that I added my after-sun cream, to deeply hydrate and refresh at the end of the day.

We came back with the best tan we ever had, no burns, no over exposure, no dry skin. And so did all my friends that used my lotions.


And so we are getting towards the end of this story. That year, returning from the seashore, I felt something deep within me, like a wave of energy that sets you on the right path. It was more than a desire, it was a purpose.

I had been looking for a new direction in life and now I had found it. Simple, but so important to me: creating lotions, creams, moisturizers – real natural cosmetics – safe and of high quality, for all those people that seek alternatives, those that understand and value the benefits of natural care. This is what I wanted to do!

And if that means selling, creating a business, it would have to be built on solid, human values, not just profit and marketing. It would take honesty, proven quality, safe and transparent ingredients that you can’t cast a shadow of a doubt on, so that no animal testing is required and no oil is drilled to end up on our skin.

Only this could give my purpose value, and only then I could say I am truly happy and relaxed, knowing my time and energy are spent channeled towards doing good, while providing for my family.

It seems like my sensitive skin was a gift after all, as it brought me here. And I am rewarding this gift with the values I believe in – care, consciousness and quality – seeking well in everything I do. There is a saying famous by the truth it carries – we can only harvest what we sow.